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We know it’s hard to stay on track with exercise, diet and other health goals at the best of times, even more so when we are struggling with health issues.


I will be supporting 5 people though an intensive program that creates sustainable habits around exercise, sleep, nutrition, social connection and positive mental chatter. 

  • Be part of a small group to give and get support

  • Gain greater control over your negative mental chatter and reduce that overwhelmed feeling 

  • Develop practical strategies to cope with the stresses of everyday life 

  • Prioritise your own health and wellbeing and transform your new habits into a way of life

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of balancing your Body Budget

  • Enjoy more energy to cope with life’s challenges and to spend doing the things you love

  • Learn skills that will have immediate benefits as well as serve you in many aspects of your life going forward


YES! This is all in your reach. 

YES! You will need to trust me (and the science).

YES! We keep it simple and fun. 

Imagine your life 6 months from today….

  • What would you choose to change if you took the first step now? 

  • Are you prepared to challenge yourself in a meaningful and provocative way?


Join me in a 6-month Body Budget Quest to transform your life. Offer limited to 5 people.

"How you show up in the world and for those you love, begins with how you show up for yourself."  Bill Carmody

This quest is a journey. The moment you say ‘yes!’ to joining is the moment you embark on transformational change that will shape your life for the future.

Transformation begins here.  Join before Sun 22nd Oct and save $500 on your investment. 

Ability to claim as Physiotherapy services via Medicare or private health insurance.


If you would like to have a chat about whether this is right for you please reach out. 

Book a 30 minute introductory online call BOOK HERE


Phone: 0408 102025

Let the Quest begin! 


"I have been living with chronic pain and various medical conditions for more than 10 years.

I came to Andy Finestone (Gild) for personal coaching related to managing my pain levels and setting some personal goals utilising the tools that I have acquired from physical therapy, mental health therapy, mindfulness, and pain doctors.

Andy has helped me to prioritize and break-down my goals with concrete steps to overcome my personal challenges.  

She has helped me understand the importance of celebrating little successes and how this contributes to my wellness.  

I highly recommend Andy if you are seeking help with setting goals for physical therapy, pain management, or wellness.  Andy offers a unique perspective with her combined expertise in Physical/Physiotherapy and Life Coaching.


Andy is compassionate and caring, has excellent communication skills, and I find the online platform very easy with her."

Cara Thomas - Denver, CO

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