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Hi, I'm Andy Finestone (Gild) OAM.

Founder On The Move Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Physiotherapist

CEO / Co-Founder, Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne.

My solid understanding of the physical body and the effects of stress, illness and injury on all aspects of our lives, together with knowledge of positive psychology and neuroscience, means that I deliver a complete mind body approach to people with pain or chronic illness.


I am authentic and empathetic. I believe that understanding our core values are important for both individuals and organisations to help promote positive action. I am a big believer in prioritising our health and of living outside our comfort zones in order to live purposeful and fulfilled lives. As a triathlete and ultra marathon runner I lead by example. 

I believe good physical and mental health comes from taking care of how we move, what we eat, what and how we think, our relationships and connections, our sleeping habits as well as paying attention to our daily stressors.


As well as providing standard methods of consultation, my passion for exercise and fitness provides the opportunity for coaching sessions to be carried out whilst walking or running.








My passion lies in connecting, challenging and bringing out the best in others.


Together we use simple, yet effective methods based in the latest neuroscientific research, to help you discover what is important to you and what changes are needed for you to move forward. The focus is on achieving goals in small, realistic steps to increase energy levels and encourage sustainable lifestyle changes.


I draw on 25 years’ experience as a physiotherapist working in trauma, cardiac care, community health, women’s health, private practice and personal training.


Combining this experience with my further studies in Coaching, Leadership and Mentoring and a certification in Conversational Intelligence®, I specialise in influencing and supporting sustainable behavioural and mindset change as well as integrating the neuroscience behind our conversations to develop greater trust, deeper relationships and improved personal and work outcomes.

Using my certification in Neurozone®, I empower individuals, teams and organisations to develop resilience and other capacities essential for high performance.

Through my continued learning in Positive Intelligence® I appreciate the importance of continually building our mental fitness through exercising our mental muscles. This gives us the power to be in more control of how we feel, of improving our relationships and performing better in whatever we put our minds to.




“Andy was recommended to me during a time when I was feeling generally unmotivated and stuck in a rut. The time I spent with Andy helped me to better understand myself and get clarity about what was important to me. I would recommend Andy to anyone who is needing some direction and seeks a helping hand in finding this.”


- Kellie

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