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Grounded in the notion that we all need a strong base in order to cope with life's challenges, together we develop your positive mindset and healthy habits around self care. From this place we help reduce overwhelm, discover what is truly important and empower you to adopt a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.  



Reduce overwhelm 

Gain clarity around what is causing stress/anxiety and

Implement simple stress management strategies

Find time and energy to take care of your own physical and mental wellbeing 

Focus on the Foundations of Wellness, using a Neurozone® approach, and

Create sustainable habits to build resilience and cope with daily challenges


Build mental fitness

Strengthen mental muscles, through Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness training

Feel less stressed, improve your performance and relationships 

Improve relationships 

Incorporate simple Conversational Intelligence® tools

Take a holistic approach to your health

Incorporate mind and body

Building a strong and grounded base

Increase motivation to achieve an exercise or weight loss goal

 Create life long behavioural changes 

Uncover what may be keeping you stuck




Initial complimentary meeting to learn about coaching, its benefits and assess whether we are a good fit

Ideally 5-6 coaching sessions to ensure sustainable change / packages available

Session can be carried out in person, in the fresh air, whilst walking or running or via Zoom

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions as best suited

Regular email follow up and support as required

Sessions can be rebated through private health insurance

Ongoing support once the program has been completed to ensure you stay On The Move


"Andy successfully got me "On the Move" in multiple facets of my personal wellbeing and business success. Her coaching sessions were inspiring and motivating, to keep me on task and striving for greater goals. Her balanced approach drawing own neuroscience and psychology navigated me out from the Covid storm and provided the scaffolding to propel me forward."  - Lisette Malatesta 

"Andy, you played such an instrumental role in my family’s life as we were going through so much change; from supporting me personally with business coaching during transformational changes at work, to keeping me accountable with health improvements which set us on-course with our family planning. Even the sessions where I thought of cancelling as didn’t have much to cover, your compassion, empathy and clever techniques could unbottle deep-seated feelings I wasn’t aware of. Many breakdowns for breakthroughs!

Thank you for teaching, coaching, supporting, and being genuinely authentic in every interaction!" - Ash H

"I thoroughly enjoyed my chats with Andy. She was so easy to talk to, such a great listener and followed up with insightful points that would constantly make me reflect.  Andy helped me implement regular activities in my life that I had been wanting to do for a long time, which in turn energised and inspired me. I gained a lot from each session we had. Would highly recommend."

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