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Wholistic approach to pain and illness

There is increasing evidence from medical science (researchers such as Barbara Fredrickson PhD, John Ratey MD, Alice Domar PhD, Craig Hassad MD, Norman Doidge FRCP, Esther Sternberg MD, Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD to name only a few) showing how a positive mindset and a lifestyle taking care of our basic needs such as connection, emotional health, sleep, diet, movement and time with nature, has a direct affect on our stress levels and on how HEALTHY we are.

It is now known that the power of our minds can assist in not only reducing the incidence of disease, but can also be part of the cure.

My unique wholistic PHYSIOTHERAPY COACHING approach to deal with pain and chronic illness, looks at each component of your health and wellbeing, helping you to use your symptoms as a positive way to move forward!

Looking forward to having a chat to see how this approach can benefit you. Sessions may be rebatable through private health insurance with Physiotherapy extras.

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