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Sp-bring it on!

As we wait patiently in Melbourne for the warmer weather to hit, I am out to encourage the BE’es!

This year I embarked on my own personal coaching journey (thanks to my awesome coach, Ian). I discovered a renewed energy for what is possible and a deeper understanding of what it is to BE rather than to DO.

Reflecting on this, I have noticed how difficult it is for us, as mere humans who are very much DO’ers, to more fully engage in the realm of BE’ing.

This is closely linked to the state of our health and wellBEing, where we are trying to cope in today’s pressurised world with the ever increasing pull of technology. There is a great deal of research out there around stress and the impact our stress hormones, particularly cortisol, has on our mental and physical health.

Focus less on the DOing and more on the BEing

If we pay attention to how we are BE’ing while we are busy DO’ing, we have a chance to reduce some of our stress levels.

Perhaps simply by:

  1. Noticing how you are feeling when you are busy DO’ing

  2. Taking quick stock of whether your stress levels are up

  3. Making small adjustments to your behaviours

  • Taking a few slow deep breaths will lower your stress response

  • Having a stretch and looking around will help you realise there is a bigger picture/put your situation into perspective/reassess why you are doing what you are doing

  • Or perhaps making a more significant change like embarking on a focused, regular exercise/meditation practice

Words Create Worlds

I am fortunate to be in the midst of exciting learning with an inspirational woman, Judith E Glaser, whose fabulous work in Conversational Intelligence®, is based in the latest neuroscience of conversation. Underlying this body of work are the effects of our hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol, on our conversations and therefore our relationships.

In the theme of BE’ing and trying to decrease stress hormones, Jacqui Snider (my beautiful friend and coach) and I have put together our inaugural workshop, Conversational Intelligence for Parents.

By having a greater understanding of how every conversation impacts our neurochemistry & stress levels, as well as those of our kids, we are hoping to empower parents to have better conversations and BE the parents you want to BE.

If you are interested in learning more about these October workshops, please see here for more details and feel free to BE in touch.

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