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Are you having trouble connecting with your child?

Do you struggle to get your message through?

Does your child's behaviour trouble you?


Join Jacqui & Andy to discover the power of Conversational Intelligence to make a real difference to your relationship with your child. These two workshops are based on the latest neuroscience research that help us understand why we react the way we do.


You will learn........

✓ How every conversation impacts your relationships with your kids

✓ The power of asking questions you don’t have answers for

✓ The components of TRUST & its importance in relationships

✓ What happens in the brain when we get triggered/loved & the impact on our behaviours


You will also........

➢ Have the opportunity to experiment with putting new skills into practice

➢ Gain confidence in building better trusting relationships

➢ Opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with other parents


Suitable for parents with children from Grade 4 to 44!



COST: $97 (both workshops included)


FACILITATORS - please contact us for more information

Jacqui Snider Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Coach (ACC) 0411 235 556

Andy Gild Physiotherapist & Health Coach (ACC) 0408 102025

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