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"Great presentation! " Barry

"Very interactive. Greater understanding of changing our mindset when approaching a conversation.' 


Inaugural Conversational Intelligence for Parenting workshop

Thanks for helping make this a huge success! Special thanks also to my buddy, Jacqui, for your inspiration :-)

"I learnt strategies for moving forward with improved communication and asking questions about things you don’t know the answers to. It helped me to identify my own reactions and be more aware of my actions." Linda S

"The session helped me to realise that I should not make assumptions, but ask questions to understand another person's feelings." Trinh W


"The benefit of always checking with my daughter about our relationship" Paul A

"Thank you, you ladies both rock!!" Cory A

"Session was useful in helping me reflect on my current work/life balance and to learn how to focus on one section of the wheel of wellbeing to assist in another section of the wheel." Ben

"Interesting to point out the connection between what we do and what we value. I will be more conscious of what I choose to spend time on, the things that are actually important to me."

"Useful to stop and think about what is important and to start slowly to make it happen."

Loved sharing this punchy session with the great people from GHD/Aecom Joint Venture to deliver the Level Crossing Removal Project.

Great to once again be a part of this fabulous Lymphoedema Course run by Maree from Lymphoeadema Education Solutions

Excited to be sharing new learnings from my Conversational Intelligence studies with this awesome group of health professionals. Based on the latest neuroscience research, we discussed the relationship between our neurochemistry and our conversations, incorporating practical ways to effectively educate and influence behaviour change for our clients.

"Many thanks for an inspiring presentation. I am really excited about all the new information and look forward to the next steps." Maree

"I enjoyed the session and it helped me identify areas of my communication skills that needed to be developed, the importance of gaining patient trust and the different levels of communication." Rachel 

"Delivery was good and I liked the casual style. I found the Wheel of Life most useful and the idea of taking small steps when facilitating change." Lou Gomersall

"Good general discussion and practical ideas to take away. The session was good for generating ideas." 

"Great presentation!" Melinda



"Some very thought provoking ideas today. Really enjoyed. Thanks Andy." Chris



"Very interactive, thought provoking and applicable." Gavan



"Fantastic way to facilitate discussion and get the group to think about how they may be more effective therapists." Jennifer W



"Great take aways." Steve M


Thanks to the lovely folk at Financial Ombudsman Service for your participation in today's Work-Life Balance seminar. I am so pleased you enjoyed the practical and interactive session and were left with ideas for further development. Was a real pleasure!

Great session today on all things Mindful with the super team at Malvern East Physiotherapy. Interesting discussions about the science behind mindfulness and the neurochemistry of conversations. Thanks for having me back. 

"Good overview of a broad topic. Group interaction with posters worked well." 

"Well planned and executed. Learnt new concepts about how the brain changes an dhow we can help it change for the better."

"Interesting discussion of a broad topic. Taught me to 'create space' before clients, to take a personal moment in times of stress or before communicating with a difficult patient." Brad

"Loved the actual practice of mindfulness. Good to be reminded." Deborah

"Another informative + thought provoking session. Enjoyed exploring the concept of internal resources available to me and how I can utilise them."

"Really good at getting the mind rolling and self inspection."

"Great content. Good to learn we have our own tools and resources to overcome challenges."

Fabulous to be back presenting to the awesome team at Pinnacle Health Group as part of their Development Day!  

"Fantastic! I really enjoyed your energy + presentation" Beau


"Very well put together. I really enjoyed the collaborative learning and sharing with the team."

"Presented very well + great interaction." Nic 

Presenting here on Motivational Interviewing at a Lymphoedema Course  

Great to be a part of this fabulous course run by Maree from Lymphoeadema Education Solutions

"Holistic overview of communication, interviewing, listening."

"Enjoyed the session. Made me think about my listening skills and am more aware of my communication and filtering skills."

"Inspiring topic, professionally and personally."

"It was great to have more awareness around my communication skills and I gained more insight into listening and the importance of open ended questions."

"It was great to think about how our communication methods influence our clients."

"Great session. Andy opened new thoughts and perceptions of interpretation to sessions with clients."

"Session worked well. Great overview. Allowing insight into how we need to improve communication across the board."

"Has provided lots of food for thought about ways we do things and the need to look at, and use, different approaches / styles."

I real pleasure presenting my thoughts on Achieving your Everest - through your Head, Heart and Gut brains  as part of the Inaugural She'ela Women's Festival 

"I really enjoyed your workshop Andy. I found it incredibly thought provoking, stimulating and motivating. I feel really inspired to work towards making small, sustainable changes in my life."

Lucy Fallick






"I managed to make connections between areas of my life I'd like to change; it has given me a clearer idea about how to improve on certian areas of my life."






"Learnt about the importance of breaking down goals in order to create change and of self awareness around change."






"A great personal eye opener as well as content which can be applied directly day to day."






"Really liked the interactive nature of the workshop and people felt relaxed."






"Good presenting style. Some thought provoking concepts."






"It was all very good - brought us together as a working team." Lucy


"Fantastic new approach for health practitioners and our staff. Great ideas for client management and motivation." Tom B


"Great presenter, positive and endearing personality. Very non-threatening environment." Josh L


"Very relaxed yet informative feel. A great delivery of new ways of thinking." James R


"Loved the relaxed atmosphere and open floor environment. I also appreciated that the language was easy to understand and not pretentious." Marion


"I learnt a lot about how I can improve my own behaviours and it was also very applicable to my work with my clients as a physio."


“Really enjoyed the intimate group environment, encouraging to hear others' opinions and have their support. Feels great to actually take action, not just complain about life!”



“Andy, your presentation style is so appealing. You listened, involved everyone and made me feel so comfortable to participate.”



"Great engaging speaker. Very motivational especially to go home and act on the first step for my goal in the next 24 hours." Tammy



"Wheel of life was very effective. Great way to visualize different aspects of life, great to set goals." Doris



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