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Health and Wellbeing Coaching


Health and Wellbeing Coaching takes a wholistic approach to your health, incorporating both mind and body to ensure the efforts you take to make life changes are aligned to your values and become life long behavioural changes. 


We work together to set realistic and achievable goals, making sure they are aligned with your underlying values so they become a part of your everyday life, helping you to live with more energy and less stress.


Whether you are looking for guidance in finding the right exercise regime, wanting to work on weight management, need some help in coping with the stresses of everyday life or working towards a specific goal, health and wellbeing coaching is there to support you and make sure you remain on track and accountable to your goals.


Through a thorough assessment of your Wheel of Life, we work out where to start prioritising your goals. Achieving one small goal gives you energy to tackle the next and the momentum created continues to help encourage and motivate you in achieving more.


I am passionate about making sure we cover all areas of Health and Wellbeing and therefore also introduce a Wellbeing Wheel and basic concepts around mindfulness. 


We use a combination of traditional coaching and positive psychology, as well as some process work as needed, to uncover more deeply what may be holding you back and keeping you stuck.



Coaching includes:


- Initial complimentary meeting to learn about coaching and its benefits and assess whether we are a good fit.

- Comprehensive summaries of each coaching session, highlighting insights and goals.

- Regular email follow up and support as required.

- Ongoing support once the program has been completed to ensure you stay On The Move.

- Weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions as best suited.



"I first saw Andy at a time where I was quite frustrated with a number of aspects of life. There were unresolved workplace issues, gaps in my social life and tension in household matters that were building on one another. In the ensuing discussions with Andy, she was able to logically create a sense of clarity and provide a pathway to resolution of these challenges. More over the follow up was very genuine and pivotal to success. It became clear that I had all the answers and that Andy was able to facilitate their discovery."  Ray

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