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Corporate Wellness

Health coaching programs can improve the overall health and wellbeing of employees and have huge carry over into the workplace. We know that healthier employees have more energy, are more focused and more resilient. 


Seminars, such as those listed below, are tailored to the particular needs, objectives and culture of each organisation. 

Based on Conversational Intelligence®

3 part series (45 min presentations) 

- Introduction to Conversational Intelligence®

- Listening to Connect, Not Judge or Reject

- Intention vs Impact


- Getting your focus right / Work-life balance

- Neuroleadership 

- Creating behavioural change

- Team building and optimism

- Building psychological capital

- Impact of stress and peak performance in the workplace

- Mindfulness in the workplace

- Healthy lifestyles

- Meditation

- Connection 


One on One Coaching Packages are available to corporate clients involving assessing an individual’s health and lifestyle, helping set goals around what is important and providing tools to enhance lives, both in the workplace and home. 


Meditation and massage can be arranged as an adjunct to a workplace wellbeing program.



IMG_7648 2.JPG

Thanks to the group from Equity Trustees in Melbourne for the great discussions around how Mindfulness can influence relationships. This through understanding how we can influence our own and other's neurochemistry. Thanks to the late Judith Glaser's wonderful work in Conversational Intelligence®.


Truly Grateful to this fabulous group from AFCA for engaging in this interactive session on Gratitude, Gratefully and OUR WELL BEING :-)


"Great presenter - genuine, engaged, passionate."

IMG_2211 2.JPG

"There were a number of practical tips that I can easily implement in my daily life."


Taking time out for Mindfulness - an important topic in our busy lives! Thanks to the fabulous people from CPB Contractors for participating in this interactive and hands on session–incorporating Conversational Intelligence® to highlight the benefits to our wellbeing as well as our relationships.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.16.27 pm.png

“Conversational intelligence is a very interesting topic, more focus/expansion on this would be beneficial”


“I really liked the practical approach to the session backed with a touch of science”


3 part Conversational Intelligence Series 

Thanks to the great people from the Financial Ombudsman Service for the engaging conversations! 


"Helpful information about approaching 'one-track' conversations."

"Interactive and the activities put the theory into practice."

"Interactive session which made us think about the subject matter." René 

"Showed importance of TRUST and how to up regulate."

"More sessions please - very useful!"

Fabulous to be a part of IPG MediaBrands 

Development Day 'Connection' Workshop

Lots of fun and learning! 


"Useful in learning how to connect and strengthen relationships with words and conversation"

"Great pacing and use of activities"

"Gave me a better understanding of neurochemistry and how that impacts daily"

"Made me think about the people in my life and how I talk to them"

"Loved the explanation around the 3 levels of conversation" Nick

"Well presented and engaging, interactivity made it easier to understand"

"Excellent engagement and interaction. Very applicable to my specific role moving the skeptics to the experimentors" Miles

"Made me more self aware of my biases ie. gave me behavioural cues to look at. Very insightful" Hayoat

Great to be a part of this EA/PA to Manager Masterclass and share some of the Conversational Intelligence® essentials around the 'Chemistry of Connection'.

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